Post Secondary life

So this is a poem that I wrote for all post secondary students out there who are currently in the midst of final projects, assignments and exams.


Some people see post secondary life as a party

Day in day out, drinks all around, totally NOT reality

This is not some T.V. show, or Hollywood movie

Everybody has to work hard whether they be jocks, musicians or geeks

Pardon me if those terms seem to you offensive

But what I’m trying to say is we are all the same, please don’t be defensive

The party life can be fun for some, but it is overglorified

Many of us are stuck studying, sitting in chairs like we’ve been petrified

In this time of high mental stress, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to fade

Do you see my eye bags? they’re not from going on vacation and having my flight delayed

This is the time where people of faith seem to lose it, and those without (through silent prayers) seem to gain

Our “summer break” is so close yet so far away, excuse the cliché, but exam period is a pain

But through it all, this is the story of life

Not some movie plotline where there is no strife

We live, grow up and press on with duty

Because we don’t want to fail here and end our life in futility


I don’t want to sound like a downer, but this time has definitely been a hard time for me academically.  Even so I will move forward and take whatever comes my way.  I hope to encourage all of you feeling the same way with this song.  WHAT we are going through now doesn’t define who we are, HOW we go through it does.