Youth retreats are amazing experiences

Wow!! I am totally in awe right now at how much God is working in (and speaking into) my life (through good and bad).  This last weekend (Friday to Sunday) my youthgroup went on a youth retreat with four other youthgroups and the experience was just amazing in so many ways (I learned something about him every single day that we were on this retreat)!!  I will start a four part blog sometime this week, so stay tuned!!!!

Here’s the general outline for each of these blog posts I will write (yes you get a sneak peak now):

Thoughts about Friday: turning your life around and finding the right place in life

Thoughts about Saturday: REALLY holding onto God

Thoughts about Saturday/Sunday: The father is waiting (time to come HOME!!)

Thoughts about Sunday: Friendship (the story of ONE church)

I’m really looking forwards to writing about this weekend and I pray that something will stick out to someone out there!!