My Old Basketball Warmup Jersey

This is written in response to “Weekly Writing Challenge: Object“. Hope you enjoy it.


Imagine the smells of worn leather and sweat, the sounds of yelling, cheering, squeaking of rubber soles and basketballs bouncing on hardwood floors.  Imagine the feel of the warm air warmed  by the hard working bodies around you, imagine that basketball you are holding in your hands, do you feel it?  The grooves and dimples along the surface, the familiar weight of an object that you spent countless hours bouncing on the ground or throwing at a target raised ten feet off the ground.  Imagine the taste of blood, sweat and tears.  Blood from the countless times that you’ve bitten your lip from aggressive contact with another player.  Sweat from the countless hours of practice and game play that you have experienced.  Tears from each bitter loss and for each sweet, sweet victory.

Are you ready?  OK now imagine opening your eyes now, you look around the gym you are in.  Do you see your coach by the bench calling out words of encouragement to the team?  Can you see your teammates running drills and warming up?  Look to the sideline, do you see the officials preparing themselves for the game to begin?  It’s game day!!  Time to put all the experiences of the past and put it into use…

All this fades as I return to the present time.  This is just a snapshot of how I feel when I put on my old high school warm up jersey.  My parents and a few of my professors have poked fun at me for wearing it when I am already in my fourth year of university.  I just brush them off and laugh saying, “It’s comfortable and that’s why I wear it” or “What’s wrong with it?  It still serves its purpose…”  Call me nostalgic or whatever you want to call it, but these experiences will still be there whether I wear this warm up jersey or not.  When I took two years off from playing basketball after I graduated, I felt so clumsy, out of sync and unskilled.  Then I pull out my trusty ol’ warm up jersey and I get this tingling feeling and all the memories return in full force.  I empathize with a younger me.  This me would spend almost every spare minute outdoors at the nearest basketball court.  I would look at the younger me and see the drive to succeed and improve myself.  What happened to this passion?  I want to find myself again…

So excuse me while I put on my old warm up jersey again… I’ve got some soul searching to do.

Imagine the smells of worn leather and sweat, the sounds of yelling, cheering, squeaking of rubber soles…



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