Undeserved Love, Compassion and Grace

Happy Valentine’s Day, or Single’s Awareness Day for all you singles out there (I feel ya).  So I figured it would be a good day to talk about love, more specifically God’s unconditional love.  So I’m sure that many of you have heard about God and how he will love you no matter what you do or say to/about him.  His love is like the love of a parent, you can do something wrong and he may be hurt or disappointed, but he will still embrace you and look on you with affection.  This compassion and grace is something that we may not deserve, but we can still receive it.

Yesterday for one of my exams, I felt this compassion and grace in a very real way from my professor.  So I walked into the exam and I realized that I didn’t have printed articles that I needed for the exam, and I was freaking out.  The professor suggested that I go get a copy form the school library reserve, then he changed his mind and he said that he would give me his personal copies of the articles.  Unfortunately for him, two of my classmates also didn’t bring the articles (Phew I’m not the only one!!).  In the end he decided to let us go and print off the articles and meet him in his office after the exam was finished and write it in his office.  We felt so shamed, embarrassed and humbled that our professor would do this for us.  The  most astonishing thing was that when we tried to apologize, he took the blame because it was his first time doing this format in an exam and he called it, “A failed experiment.”

In the same way, God loves us and he wants to take away our shame and embarrassment by sending his son Jesus on the cross as a sacrifice.  But the thing is we need to be humble and acknowledge that we are wrong and repent for our mistakes.  I always knew this because I learned it from when I was a child, but I never physically experienced anything like it until now.  I am glad that I have gone through this incident and I will keep this thought in mind when I think about God and his love for me.


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