Happy Chinese New Years!!

Today is the first day of Chinese New Years (based on the Lunar calender).  As the Chinese will be saying all around the world, “Gong Xi Fa Chai!!” or as the Cantonese would say, “Gung Hay Fat Choy!!”  This essentially means “blessings and more riches” (which on this day means that the children give the blessings to the parents, and the parents give the riches to the children).

I love this day, not because I get money mind you, but because of the festivities that happen.  This is a huge deal to ALL Chinese people and in Vancouver, BC there are LOTS of Chinese people.  Everybody is in a merry mood and family is the most stressed subject during this time.  Everybody gets together and celebrates together.  I love my friends analogy of how those that celebrate new years based on both the Roman calender and the Lunar calender essentially get two chances to start afresh in their life.  I love this analogy because it reminds me of God’s love for us and we can have more than one chance to get our lives in order.

This song pretty well sums up what I have to say so take a listen and pay attention to the lyrics because that is what brings the most power in this song

Have a Happy Chinese New Years and don’t forget to count your blessings!!


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