Hello, first blog

So here I am. I didn’t think that blogging was my sort of thing to do, but a few different people have suggested that I try it out.  I guess first off, my name is Edward.  I want to use this blog for things that come to mind that may stem from what I learned at school, what I observe around me in life, or different lectures/sermons that I attend.  I don’t want to sound all “holier than thou art”, but I will use Christian references and view points.  To understand why I chose the title for my Blog “Rooted in Christ”  read this blog posted on my behalf in August http://www.bbc-youth.com/2013/rooted-at-serve-keats-edward/

For this first blog, I want to talk about something that happened during the service at my church yesterday.  The children were dismissed for Sunday School and one father took his son’s hand and led him out of the room to go to his class.  The little boy looked up at his father and asked innocently asked, “Where are we going?”  This is like a metaphor for what my current relationship with God is.  I am totally oblivious to where I should be sometimes and even though it has been clearly stated, I still don’t clue in.  Then (my Father) God will take my hand and take me to where I should be going.  I will look up to him and ask, “Where are we going? I want to stay.”  He may respond, “You are not ready to stay, I’m taking you where you need to be.  I’m taking you to an environment where you will learn and actually understand.”  Abba (“Daddy”) knows what’s best for me and I need to follow willingly (which is exactly what this little boy did).

I pray that I can take this to heart and always remember this image.  I pray that I will follow willingly when Abba takes my hand and leads me to where I need to be to grow in strength and understanding.


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